Thinking outside the box

A new client had recently changed how their accounts payables due to were being handled. In the middle of their review, their Internet Service Provider canceled their services. Upon contacting the ISP, it seems that their account was highly delinquent and to rectify the issue, a new account would have to be procured. Unfortunately, this process would take anywhere from 2-4 weeks during which the business would not have Internet access to conduct business.

We contacted other tenants on the same floor and inquire about possibly temporarily sharing their Internet connection. Due to restrictions in the building, wiring from suite to suite was not possible and wireless was out of the question as well. Thinking outside the box, we discovered that a willing neighbor shared an electrical box with them. We successfully tested and set up a pair of Powerline Adapters and shared the internet connection between suites until our client was able to get the ISP to re-provision their services. Crisis averted!


Client in the medical field had a legacy phone system that suffered a catastrophic failure on an add-on board that controlled some of the phone lines coming into the system. This happened as their busiest season was about to get started. Lead times for a replacement add-on card were weeks to months away. We researched the issue and found that a blown capacitor was to blame. We went to a local computer shop and purchased the replacement electronic components. The system was up and running in less than 48 hours and performed as desired while we waited for the replacement add-on card.

Wireless to the rescue

During a recent storm, a manufacturing client had their external coax cable knocked over and the local cable company was not even responding to calls to report the outage. Due to the remote location, there had never been many options at this location. A few hundred feet away they had access to Internet access but there was not an easy way to extend this to their main office.

We setup a wireless point to point bridge within a few days to connect the two sites and provide temporary relieve until the local provider was able to repair the primary connection to the internet.